ADVANCE NOTICE – Secured Party Cannabis Production and Test Equipment Auction Sale

11 Locations of cannabis production, lab and test equipment across the United States

The online auction sale will be conducted on April 26, 2023

11 Locations include:
·        Irvine, California
·        San Diego, California
·        Louisville, Colorado
·        Orchard City, Colorado
·        Yuma, Colorado
·        Jackson, Michigan
·        O’Fallon, Missouri
·        Oxford, North Carolina
·        Raliegh, North Carolina
·        Boone Mill, Virginia
·        Canby Oregon
Equipment Includes:
Capna, McGrane, Salem Scientific, Ohaus, Sharptek, Global, Black Hemp Box, Process Werx, Huber, Koolant Koolers, Polyscience, Agilent, Mettler, Corning, Fisher Hamilton
·        Hemp Dryers
·        Evaporator Skids
·        Rotary Evaporators
·        Distillation
·        Centrifuges
·        Crystallization Chambers
·        Cut Mill Systems
·        Vacuum Ovens
·        Homogenizers
·        Freezers & Ovens
·        Chillers
·        SS Jacketed Vessels
·        Solvent Systems
·        Temperature Controller Systems
·        Gas Chromatographs
·        Scales
·        Bioreactors

More details to follow shortly

Sale is being held in conjunction with Solid Asset Solution

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