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So you have announced that you are closing a facility or have assets for sale. Now you are inundated and overwhelmed with calls and emails from every auctioneer on the planet. Every one of them claiming to be the biggest, the best, and the only one who has done that sort of work before. Now what do you do? It is not possible to vet every single auctioneer who calls however if you don’t, you may be leaving the best one off of your list for consideration.

Auctioneer selection is very time consuming, yet a very important process. Most assets have meaningful value and it is your fiduciary responsibility to your stakeholders to maximize their net recoverable value minimizing corporate and workforce trauma and the ensuing distraction a systematic and responsible wind down creates.

Being a seller’s market does not mean that you will necessarily be lucky enough to select the right company for the job, especially if you have never done this before. Chances are that you are experiencing auctioneer fatigue and need to make a decision fast. Many auction companies joint venture transactions and not because their combination makes for the best team to handle a project, but merely because they are assuaging risk by eliminating competition.

This is where I can help. I have competed with and against the entire industrial valuation and monetization industry for over 38 years to win the largest industrial monetization projects since 1980. Personally completing over 4,000 projects on a global basis, I have developed an unsurpassed reputation, knowledge base and unique skill set to be able to innately develop and implement strategies for any situation that requires asset sales.

Adding Intelligence and Efficiency to Your Process

In my vast experience, I have become an expert in concisely identifying the project scope, creatively crafting and presenting optimized and effective solutions, then implementing and concluding transactions for every project I have undertaken. Transaction structures included multiple sales methodologies, financial structures based on client tolerance for risk and need for immediate capital. Let me be your qualified and experienced insider into the valuation and monetization industry. I am your internal Auctioneer Guru in deciphering the correct valuation and monetization services and service providers required. Let me bring my knowledge of the inner workings of the industry and its service providers, financial structures, international marketplace to represent you and your valuation and monetization requirements.

Need Help Getting Started?

Take the risk out of and add efficiencies and expertise to your auction firm selection process. I handle all aspects of this daunting task with inside track knowledge making service provider selection process easy.

  • Project Triage
  • Crafting Optimized RFP’s
  • Managing Interview Process
  • Weighted Proposal Analysis Matrix Tool
  • Qualifying and Understanding Joint Ventures Between Auction Companies
  • Service Provider Selection
  • Contracting

Project Management All self-funding and completely free to my clients. My fee structure incentivizes best performance because my fees are predicated on your results.

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