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Robert Levy has been in the global industrial asset management business for over 38 years, specializing in assisting companies define value and the creation and implementation of international sales and marketing programs designed to maximize value of idle or underutilized capital assets through optimized sales methodologies. His personal experience includes sale of in excess of 4,000 complete and partial manufacturing facilities on an international basis.

Robert began his career at Norman Levy Associates, Inc. where he and his brother grew the business their father founded from a small two location company to a vast international organization with 10 offices throughout United States, Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom, and Korea. During its five decades of growth and industry leadership, Norman Levy Associates became the largest and most respected firm of its kind, auctioning and valuing billions of dollars-worth of industrial machinery, equipment, inventory and capital assets. Clients included Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, Chrysler, DuPont, BASF, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Grumman Aerospace, General Dynamics, Convair, Goodyear, AT&T, Chrysler, US Air Force, General Services Administration (GSA) and The United States Government.

Robert was also co-founder and CEO of Levy-Latham Global. LLG was the recipient of the largest privatization contract in the history of the United States to date. LLG was tasked with the restructuring of the sales process formerly managed by the US Defense Reutilization Marketing Service (DRMS) and then to conduct the sale of billions of dollars of military surplus from the US Department of Defense (DoD). LLG increased revenues for the same assets by a multiple of at least ten while reducing headcount by 83%. LLG was eventually sold to Liquidity Services.

In 2000, Norman Levy Associates, Inc. was sold to DoveBid where Robert became a Member of the Board of Directors and President of International Operations. He remained for his four year employment contract building out its international infrastructure and conducting sales around the world.

In 2004, Robert Levy joined Hilco Industrial as President, CEO and Partner to develop the company into a leading international auction and liquidation service provider. During Robert’s leadership, Hilco became a leading international industrial asset management company managing entire industry transitions including the 2008 Automotive restructuring and the global 2011 Solar Industry meltdown.

Recently, Robert has created and implemented complex multi-year monetization programs for entities such as Motors Liquidation Co. f/k/a General Motors, OldCarco f/k/a Chrysler, Toyota, AAM, DuPont, Evergreen Solar, GE, REC, Seagate, Western Digital, Calpine, GWF, Hostess, PolyOne, RG Steel, Kodak, Ford, Automotive Component Holdings (ACH), Magna and The City of Detroit.

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