Alta Devices – Sunnyvale, California

NOTE: the sale has been canceled due to a complete sale of all assets

Intellectual Property Acquisition Opportunity Valued at $US 100 Million – And Associated Equipment

Alta Devices owns in excess of 450 patents and IP for the manufacture of high efficiency flexible, light weight gallium arsenide wafers.

Alta solar cells can be used in a broad range of applications where the power source must be recharged to preserve system functionality and/or extend the performance of the system over time. These include low and high earth orbit long endurance satellites, autonomous vehicles and a host of other items requiring high efficiency, light weight, and flexible thin film power sources.

This intellectual property, which includes over 450 patents, recipes and trademarks.

The IP is being offered for sale through a negotiated sales process.

The manufacturing equipment, test and measurement, lab and plant support are being offered for sale via a public auction sale. Click here for full press release and detailed information.

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Ongoing Equipment Sales – Bids due by December 4, 2020


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