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Joe Louis Arena - Phase Two Memorabilia Auction Sale

Phase Two Online Auction Sale of Memorabilia and Other Sellable Assets


Highlights Include:

Red Wings Locker Room Toilets, Urinals and Sinks

Commercial Spot Lighting

Wall Mounted Light Fixtures

Original Joe Louis Artwork

Little Caesars Vendor Signage

Joe Louis Arena - Infrastructure Sealed Bid Sale - Detroit

Suite Furnishings

Wet Bars, Bathroom Fixtures

Granite, Marble, Glass

All Removable Assets and Materials Within the Joe Louis Arena


Highlights Include:

Accessible Non-Structural Steel

Copper, Aluminum, Iron

Electrical and Communications Distribution

Chillers, Boilers, HVAC, Air Compression

Plumbing Fixtures and Suite Funishings


Glass, Plexiglas

Metals and Materials

Electrical Distribution

Switch-Gear, Transformers, Electrical and Communications Wiring, Conduit and Lighting Throughout the Building


Package Boilers, Plumbing and Piping Throughout the Building


Chillers and HVAC Throughout the Building

City of Detroit - Department of Transportation

Robert Levy Associates, LLC and Miedema Asset Management Group have been awarded a five year contract to manage the sales of surplus Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT) assets.

Online Auction Sale - Sale One Complete - Ended June 26

Hundreds of Buses, Trucks, Cars, Armored Vehicles

Joe Louis Arena - Seat Sale - Detroit, MI

Robert Levy Associates and Miedema Asset Management are pleased to announce our retention by The City of Detroit  to manage the sale of the assets of The Iconic Joe Louis Arena

Seat Sales

Seat Sale Commences May 1st

Three Detroit Charities Will Receive a Portion of Our Fees

Autoliv-Nissin Brake Systems

Sale Completed

State-of-The-Art Heat Treat Facility Availble Immedialty

Dowa Thermotech Company TFC-80-ERT/TDR-264824 3 Stage Batch Type Heat Treat System (10/2010) 


Project Completed

RLA is pleased to announce its appointment as Monetization Officer in an Advisory Role.

RLA will be managing the process of contracting a monetization specialist for the sale of assets within the former Arclin North Shore Facility.  

All interested parties should contact: Robert Levy at rlevy@rlevyinc.com     

Woodmeister Master Builders

Sale Completed

Woodmeister Master Builders

Online Auction Sale

December 5, 2017 

  • Woodworking Equipment As Late As 2016 
  • Trucks, Vans and Automobiles 2015-2010
  • Large Quantity of Sheet Stock, Exotics and Hardwood Inventory
  • Large Quantity of Hand Tools and Support Equipment 

Featured Sales