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Ernest Industries - Two Michigan Locations


Online Webcast Auction Sale - Wednesday July 10, 2019 at 10:00AM EDT Westland and Plymouth, Michigan

Due to Secured Party Action

Two Metal Stamping & Fabrication Facilities

Assets Include

  • CNC Lasers: HK, Hankwang and Durma to 5,000 Watt to 2015
  • Presses: Strait Side, OBI and OBG: Heim, Bliss, Verson, Niagara, USI Industries, Minster and Danly to 600 Tons
  • Press Brakes: Amada, AFM and Durma to 175 Tons
  • Toolroom: LeBlond Regal, Comet, HEM, Powermatic, Kent, Reid and Kalamazoo
  • Fabricating: Pines and Piranha
  • Inspection: Brown & Sharpe, Wilson, Mitutoyo and Hexagon
  • Material Handling: Toyota, Hoist and Tennant
  • Welders: Resistance, Miller, Lincoln, OTC and Panasonic

Sale is Being Offered in Conjunction with Maynard's Industries & BidItUp Auctions Worldwide

A.L.P. Lighting Components - Olive Branch, Mississippi


Online Public Auction Sale - Tuesday June 4, 2019 at 8AM ET

Due to complete Olive Branch, Mississippi plant closure, assets no longer required in the continuing operations of A.L.P. Lighting Components, Inc. will be sold at a public auction sale.

Sheet and Speciality Thermoforming Facility

Assets Include:

  • Merritt Davis Extruder Line, WSB-900  Weight Scale Blender, High Tech Screen Changer, Melt Pump line, Static Mixer, 65" EDI Die Line, 65" Pull Rolls, Router, Conveyors, National Machine Tool Cold Shear, 70' Hot Shear, Cut Off Table; 
  • AAA 4-Station Former, 5'x10' Platen, Ceramic Heater Oven; 
  • Battenfeld Gloucester Extruder-Thermoformer Line, Custom Made for Thickness > .080” and up to 8” Long Parts, Conveyors, Compressors, etc.;, 8’ Long, 75-Ton Hydraulic Trim Press , 24" x 48", FPB, F-18264; Robotic Production Technology Robo Trim Machine, Single Arm Robot, 2020, Revolving Door, Fanuc R-J3 Controls, Safety Curtains; 
  • Brown LLC R223 E 3-Station Former, 60"x60" Platen, Ceramic Heater Oven; (2) Gerber Sabre 404 CNC Router, 3-Axis, 48"x48" Table; Gerber Sabre 408 CNC Router, 3-Axis, 48"x96" Table; 
  • DMS CNC Router, 3-Axis, 48"x36" Split Table, Automatic Tool Changer, Fagor Controls; 
  • GPM Single Station THF 7 Former, 50"x50", Mac Style Clamp Frames; 
  • GPM Single Station THF 8 Former, 96"x60", Mac Style Clamp Frames; 
  • GPM Single Station THF-9 and THF-10 Double End Former, 65"x65", Mac Style Clamp Frames; Hendrick Pro/Am 126-SP Panel Saw; 
  • Grob 4V-36 Vertical Band Saw; 
  • 6-Axis CNC Router, Motionman, Independent 60"x120" Table, Fagor Control, Security Cage; 
  • Maac Rotary 103R3P 3-Station Pressure Forming Machine, 48"x120" Platen; 
  • DMS 3-Axis CNC Router; 
  • Motoman Robot with K10S Arm; 
  • Maac Comet C55R3 3-Station Rotary Forming Machine, 60"x60" Platen; Lantech Q-Series Stretch Wrapper, 60" Dia.; 
  • Wulftec Stretch Wrapper, 8'; Assorted 
  • Warehouse Racking, Pallet Racking, Fork Lift Truck, Engine Lathes, 
  • Thermulators, Hoppers, Granulators, Blenders, Conveyors, Vacuum Pumps, Air Compressors, Dryers, Chop Saws, Dust Collection Systems, Band Saws, Shop Scales, Engine Lathes, Disc Sander, Vertical Milling Machine, Welders, Robots, Parts Inventory, Sand Blast Cabinets, Misc. Tool Room Equipment, Office Equipment.

Offered in Conjunction with Orbitbit.com

Vicount Industries - Farmington Hills, MI


Online Webcast Auction Sale - Thursday May 30, 2019 at 11AM ET

Complete Iconic State-of-the-Art Automotive and Aerospace Tool and Die Engineering Prototype and Manufacturing Facility

Preview Location 24704 Hathaway Street, Farmington Hill

Partial List of Assets to Be Offered


CNC Equipment

• SNK RB-5VM CNC Gantry Milling Machine (2011)

• Toshiba Shibaura BP-130-P40 CNC Horizontal Boring and Drilling Machine (1997)

• OKK VM-7 II CNC Vertical Machining Center (2011)

• OKK KCV-800-30L CNC Vertical Machining Center (2003)

• Mazak Nexus 410A CNC Vertical Machining Center (2004)

• OKK VM-5 II CNC Vertical Machining Center (1999)

• Miltronics ML-26 CNC Turning Center (2006)

• Haas TM-2 CNC Tool Room Mill

• OKK MCV-660 CNC Vertical Machining Center

• Okuma Howa MILLAC-80V CNC Vertical Machining Center


• Danly SE4-2000-180-84 Straight Side QDC Press

• Danly S4-1000-180-80 Straight Side Press

• Verson 1000-S2-150 Straight Side Double Crank Press

• Verson S4-600-108-72 Straight Side Press

• Bliss S2-150-72-42 Straight Side Press

• Bliss Model 7 Straight Side Press

• Hamilton 14811 1/2 750 Ton Straight Side Press

• Hamilton 150 Ton Straight Side Press

Feed Equipment

• CHS Automation DR-300-72 30,000 LB X 72” Uncoiler

• CHS Automation PTH-72 Guide Table

• CHS Automation DRFS-812 Servo Feed 72” X 156” Straightener

• American Steel Model 1000 20,000 LB Expanding Mandrel Uncoiler

• Feed Lease 64” Power Leveler

• COE 60” Uncoiler

• COE 60” Roller Leveler

• Littell 436-SPDL 36” Power Straightener

Toolroom Equipment

• Carlton 6’ X 17” Column Radial Drill

• Moore Model 3 Jig Grinder

• (2) 2014 Acer EVS-3VKH Vertical Milling Machines

• (2) Bridgeport Series 1 2 HP Vertical Milling Machines

• Atlas GBVS40AC Vertical Milling Machine

• Clausing Colchester G/H 600 Mascot 18” X 72” CC Gap Bed Lathe

• Victor 1640 Gap Bed Lathe

• Wysong 1010 Power Squaring Shear

• Diacro 36 Finger Brake

• Marvel Model 8 Mark II Vertical Band Saw

• Doall Vertical Band Saw

• (3) Okamoto PFG618 Surface Grinders

• Okamoto 16-32ST Surface Grinder (2004)

• Acer 618AH II Surface Grinder (2015)

• Parker Majestic 2Z 6” X 18” Surface Grinder

• Clausing ISX-35 Drill Press

• Delta 12” Disc Grinder

• Haas TM-2 CNC Tool Room Mill


• Mitsubishi FA20S Wire EDM

• Mitsubishi FA10S Advance Wire EDM (2012)

• Ex Cello XLO Sinker Type EDM

• Raycon R-20B EDM


• Romer RA 7525SE Absolute Portable Measuring Arm (2015)

• Brown & Sharpe Global Image 9158 Coordinate Measuring Machine (2003)

• Brown & Sharpe EXCEL 7-10-7 Coordinate Measuring Machine

• Metris LC-50 Laser Scanning Head (2006)

• Prazis PO 600 Optical Comparator

Offered in Conjunction with 

Maynard's Industries

BidItUp Auctions Worldwide 

Proper Group - Michigan & South Carolina

Public Online Webcast Auction Sale: Online Only - May 21, 2019



Due to reinvestment in new technology, assets no longer required in the continuing operations of Proper Group

As New as 2015



 Partial Listing of Items to be Sold 

· IMSA Model MF1200BBLL CNC Horizontal Gun Drill (New 2013) 

· Kuraki Model KBT-11E7 4-Axis CNC Horizontal Boring Mill (New 2007) 

· OKK Model VM 76R CNC Vertical Machining Center (New 2015)

· Amino Model DSP100Y 100-Ton Hydraulic Spotting Press (New 2008 

· Makino Model EDNC85W RAM Type Electrical Discharge Machine (New 2014) 

· Kuraki Model KMV-130 Double Column CNC Vertical Bridge Mill

· 3) FPT Model Raid 3-Axis High Speed Dual Column CNC Vertical Machining Centers

· Sigma Model SDV-3219 Double Column CNC Vertical Machining Center 

· Makino Model SNC64 High Speed Graphite CNC Vertical Machining Center 

· Parpas Model BF-160-NC CNC Vertical Machining Center

 · Mitsubishi Model FA20S CNC Electrical Discharge Machine

· OKK Model VM-7 CNC Vertical Machining 

· OKK Model VM5III CNC Vertical Machining Center 

· Dynamic Speed Model ZX-1060 CNC Vertical Machining Center

State of the Art High Precision Tool and Die Equipment to 2015

Sale Being Conducted in Conjunction with 
Maynard's Industries
Industrial Assets

Sale is Being Held in Conjunction With:

Maynard's Industries


Industrial Assets

Inspections by Appointment

Please contact

Robert Levy

at rlevy@rlevyinc.com 


Mario Mazzuca

at mario@maynards.com


Steve Mattes

at smattes@biditup.com

Pre-Register at 


Click Here for More Details

 Partial Listing of Items to be Sold 

 · Okuma Model MC60VAE 3-Axis CNC Vertical Machining Center 

· OKK Model PG8 CNC Vertical Machining Center

· Makino Model V33 CNC Vertical Machining Center

· OKK Model VM-7 CNC Vertical Machining Center

· Droop & Rein Model FSM1406D30KA CNC Vertical Milling Machine

· Leblond Makino Model EDNC-106W Ram Type CNC Electrical Discharge Machine

· Leblond Makino Model EDNC-85 Ram Type CNC Electrical Discharge Machine

· Leblond Makino Model SNC64 3-Axis CNC Vertical Milling Machine 

· Erowa Automation Model UPC-L Easy Change XT Custom Rotary Parts Feeder

· Okuma Model Cadet Mate CNC Vertical Machining Center

· OKK Model VM5-II 3-Axis CNC Vertical Milling Machine

· 2) Viper Model VMC950-G CNC Vertical Machining Centers 

· Okuma Model LNC-8C CNC Turning Center

· 2) Acer Model E-Mill-FVS-3VSII Vertical Milling Machines (New 2014)

· Tooling, Accessories, Shop and Factory Supplies

Axxis Corporation


Public Online Auction Sale March 12, 2019

Canton, Michigan

Complete Toyota Automotive Head Trim and Visor Manufacturing Facility

Click Here to Bid

Partial Listing of Items to Be Sold

  • 3) Niigata 500 Ton Electric Injection Molders
  • 7) Niigata Injection molders to 200 Ton
  • 2) Sumitomo 350 Ton Injection Molders
  • 2) Toshiba 390 Ton Injection Molders
  • 2) Sandretto Injection Molders to 275 Tons
  • 12) Star Automation Robots
  • 16) Branson Ultrasonic Welders
  • Freeman Schwabe Fabric Press
  • H&H H-Frame Beam Press
  • 8) Hot Stamp Presses
  • Assembly Equipment
  • Complete QC Lab with Thermotron and Yamato Chambers, Instron Testers
  • Toolroom and Maintenance Equipment
  • Overhead Bridge Crane Systems
  • Fork Lifts
  • Pallet Racking
  • Offices

Real Estate Available for Lease

60,000 Sq. Ft. Modern Facility Near Detroit Metro Airport

Click Here for Lease Information

Sale Being Conducted in Conjunction with Miedema Asset Management Group

Versatube Stamping Corporation


Public Webcast Auction Sale : Onsite and Online

January 22, 2019

4755 Rochester Road

Troy, Michigan 48085

Tier One QS-9000 O.E.M. Supplier 

Partial Listing of Items to Be Sold

  • 51) Minster, Niagara, Danly, Verson, Warco, Bliss, Clearing, Cleveland and Toledo Presses From 50 to 5,000 Tons - Up to 84” X 204”
  • Feed Equipment
  • Overhead Bridge Cranes to 25 Tons
  • Toolroom Equipment
  • Material Handling
  • Air Compression
  • Shop and Factory Supplies

30+ Acres of Prime Troy Real Estate Available for Redevelopment

Sale Being Conducted in Conjunction with The Levy Recovery Group

Full Versatube Stamping Auction Brochure with Photos

Versatube Auction Brochure (pdf)


Versatube Auction Terms and Conditions of Sale (pdf)


Homer Donaldson Company - Hudson, MI


Webcast Auction Sale

By Order of The Secured Party

Thursday December 6, 2018

Hudson, Michigan

Complete CNC Wire Bending, Forming, Stamping and Fabricating Facility

 Late Model CNC Wire Bending and Forming, Stamping, Fabricating, Heading and Assembly Equipment to include 

Partial Listing

Late Model CNC Wire Bending and Forming, Stamping, Fabricating, Heading and Assembly Equipment to include:

· (2) AIM CNC Wire Benders, Model AFM 3D13-S & AFM 3D13-T4 with Overton 60 ton Header Units (2014 & 2015)

· Numalliance FX213 CNC Wire Bender w/ Numalliance 40 ton Header (2012)

· Numalliance Robomac 216 CNC Wire Bender w/Numalliance 60 ton Header (2012)

· Numalliance Robomac 213 CNC Wire Bender w/ Numalliance 60 ton Header (2011)

· (4) OTC Robotic Welding Cells, (2) Model ECOARC 200 (2014-2015)

· (9) Compacomatic CNC Robotic Welder w/Miller and Lincoln Power Supplies

· Waterbury Farrell 33 ½” - 3/8” Open Die Rod Header 

· Waterbury Farrell 33 ½” ODDS Open Die Rod Header

· National Model 28-2775 1" Upsetter/Header

· (2) Waterbury Farrell Model 30 Flat Die Hand Feed Thread Rollers

· Videx VC-20-M 371 V8 Wire Straightener & Cut-off Machine

· Shuster Model 2ABV-505-74 S0 Wire Straightener & Cut-off machine

· Morgan 8311-E-18 Wire Drawer

· Ajax Wire Drawers; (2) Kaeser 45HP Rotary Screw Air Compressors

· Aida, Danly, Minster, USI Clearing, Bliss Knuckle, Straight Side and OBI Presses to 400 Tons

· (9) Torit Smog Hogs

· Toolroom equipment including Bridgeport CNC Vertical Mills, Foradia Radial Drill, Lathes, Saws, Acer Grinders, Lincoln Welders

· Material Handling and Forklifts Trucks

· Shop and Factory Supplies

Sale Being Held In Conjuction With

Maynard's Industries 

BidItUp Auctions Worldwide

Joe Louis Arena - Final Seat Sale - Detroit, MI


Robert Levy Associates and Miedema Asset Management are pleased to announce our retention by The City of Detroit  to manage the sale of the assets of The Iconic Joe Louis Arena

Seat Sales


Final Blow Out Seal Sale - Ending 10/22

$50 Each

Click Here to Buy Seats

Three Detroit Charities Will Receive a Portion of Our Fees




Joe Louis Arena - Phase Two Memorabilia Auction Sale


Phase Two Online Auction Sale of Memorabilia and Other Sellable Assets


Highlights Include:

Red Wings Locker Room Toilets, Urinals and Sinks

Commercial Spot Lighting

Wall Mounted Light Fixtures

Original Joe Louis Artwork

Little Caesars Vendor Signage

Click Here for Complete Details

Joe Louis Arena - Infrastructure Sealed Bid Sale - Detroit

Suite Furnishings


Wet Bars, Bathroom Fixtures

Granite, Marble, Glass

Bids Due 5:00 PM EDT September 19th

All Removable Assets and Materials Within the Joe Louis Arena



Highlights Include:

Accessible Non-Structural Steel

Copper, Aluminum, Iron

Electrical and Communications Distribution

Chillers, Boilers, HVAC, Air Compression

Plumbing Fixtures and Suite Funishings


Glass, Plexiglas

Metals and Materials

Click Here for Complete Details

Electrical Distribution


Switch-Gear, Transformers, Electrical and Communications Wiring, Conduit and Lighting Throughout the Building

Click Here to Download Sealed Bid Form



Package Boilers, Plumbing and Piping Throughout the Building



Chillers and HVAC Throughout the Building

City of Detroit - Department of Transportation


Robert Levy Associates, LLC and Miedema Asset Management Group have been awarded a five year contract to manage the sales of surplus Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT) assets.

Online Auction Sale - Sale One Complete - Ended June 26

Hundreds of Buses, Trucks, Cars, Armored Vehicles

Autoliv-Nissin Brake Systems


Sale Completed

State-of-The-Art Heat Treat Facility Availble Immedialty

Dowa Thermotech Company TFC-80-ERT/TDR-264824 3 Stage Batch Type Heat Treat System (10/2010) 



Project Completed

RLA is pleased to announce its appointment as Monetization Officer in an Advisory Role.

RLA will be managing the process of contracting a monetization specialist for the sale of assets within the former Arclin North Shore Facility.  

All interested parties should contact: Robert Levy at rlevy@rlevyinc.com     

East Coast Custom Woodworking Facility

Sale Completed

East Coast Custom Woodworking Facility

Online Auction Sale

December 5, 2017 

  • Woodworking Equipment As Late As 2016 
  • Trucks, Vans and Automobiles 2015-2010
  • Large Quantity of Sheet Stock, Exotics and Hardwood Inventory
  • Large Quantity of Hand Tools and Support Equipment 

Click to See Details

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